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The Story of Callisto
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Xena attacks Callisto lived with her mother, Arleia, and sister in a little village called Cirra. All was peaceful until the day Xena's army came and devastated the village. Callisto's mother and sister were killed in the skirmish, and Callisto alone survived the attack. From that day on, Callisto dedicated her life to making Xena suffer as she had on that fateful day her childhood had gone up in flames...

Callisto and Theodorus We first meet Callisto in the episode of the same name.  Now a vicious warlord at the head of her own army, Callisto terrorizes a village in Xena's name in an attempt to sully her reputaion.  After Xena confronts and captures her imposter, a lynch mob sets her cell on fire.  When Xena attempts to save her, Callisto turns the tables on her and escapes, kidnapping Gabrielle in the process.  Xena chases after them, and in true Xena fashion, rescues her friend while saving Callisto's life at the same time. 
Killing Perdicus After Xena brings about the downfall of Callisto's army, Callisto is sent to prison. She manages to escape, freeing all her prisonmates who join up to form her new army. Meanwhile, Gabrielle decides to marry her old flame, Perdicas, and she and Xena go their separate ways.  Callisto finds out that Gabrielle is travelling alone and, looking to damage Xena's soul a little further, seeks out the bard. Xena finds out about Callisto's escape and races to Gabrielle's aid, knowing what Callisto would do.  While Xena was able to protect Gabrielle, she was unable to stop Callisto from killing Perdicus.
A sinking feeling... Seeking revenge, Gabrielle hunts Callisto down.  Unable to kill in cold blood, Gabrielle is instead captured by Callisto and used as bait for Xena, who falls into her trap.  But when a timely distraction in the form of Joxer (the bumbling warrior wannabe) comes along, Xena frees herself and chases after Callisto in a spectacular chariot race. Xena catches up to Callisto, and they both tumble down the hill into a pool of quicksand.  Xena is able to drag herself, but can only watch as Callisto is pulled under.
Gathering in Tartarus Xena is haunted by nightmares of letting Callisto die. Through her guilt, Callisto reaches through Xena's dreams and lures Xena into the Underworld. With a little help from Ares, Callisto returns to the real world in Xena's body, while Xena remains trapped in Callisto's body.  Xena persuades Hades into giving her one day to bring Callisto back, then follows the warlord into the world of the living.
A dying Argo Now travelling with Gabrielle, "Xena" goads the bard into learning to kill.  While Gabrielle is practicing with her staff, Callisto sneaks off for a secret rendezvous with Ares.  Xena arrives on the scene, but to her horror, finds Argo dying on the ground.  While Xena patches the wound, Callisto retakes her former army and captures Amphipolis, Xena's hometown.  Xena neutralizes her army and, with the help of a drugged dart, drags Callisto back to Tartarus.  Xena then returns to the world of the living, but to her dismay, she is still trapped in Callisto's body.
Ares and Xena In "Ten Little Warlords", we find out that Ares had lost his sword and inherently, his Godhood, which is why he never switched Xena's body back. At first, Xena refuses to help the now-mortal Ares retrieve his sword, but soon learns the consequnces of an absent God of War.  With peaceful villagers flying out of control (and inversely, warlords behaving with civility), Xena has no choice but to agree.  Ares promises her old body back as soon as he regains his Godhood... 
Ares regains his godhood Sisyphus, posing as the God of War, has invited ten of the best warlords - Callisto among them - to his island stronghold.  When Xena and Ares arrive, Sisyphus annouces that he is holding a contest, and he's offering Ares' sword as the prize!  Each intent on becoming the new God of War, the warlords begin to kill each other to improve their own odds.  Xena, however, catches on to Sisyphus' hidden agenda, and finds the hidden sword.  With his powers back, Ares' sends the Trickster King back to Tartarus and, as promised, gives Xena her body back.

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