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The Story of Callisto
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Callisto in Tartarus In the Hercules episode entitled  "Surprise", Hera appears to Callisto, who is trapped in Tartarus.  Hera offers her one day of freedom and a chance at immortality in exchange for a small service: killing Hercules. Callisto agrees and Hera sends her to back to the world of the living.  Meanwhile, Hercules' friends and family are holding a surprise birthday party for the big guy.  Disguised as one of the people Herc has helped, Callisto tricks Alcmene into inviting her to the party... 
Callisto and Hercules Hercules, having found out about the party, arrives at the castle.  To his real surprise, Hercules finds the party guests passed out on the floor, unconscious.  Callisto reveals herself and explains that his friends have been poisoned with Xanthalian venom, a drug that causes madness. Herc must accompany her to the Labyrinth of the Gods and get an apple from the Tree of Life to cure them. One bite of the fruit cures any sickness, and a whole one makes you immortal. It is the latter part that Callisto is interested in.
Hercules is trapped Using Hercules' strength to defeat the labyrinth's traps, Herc and Callisto eventually make their way to the Tree, but not before Callisto traps Herc in a closing door. Callisto then makes her way to the Tree and eats the fruit, granting her immortality.  Herc frees himself and fights Callisto, who sets the Tree on fire. Herc manages to escape with one of the apples, leaving Callisto trapped in the fiery tomb. 
Callisto becomes a God When Velasca, Gabrielle's godly archnemesis, goes on the rampage, Xena must free Callisto from the Labyinth of the Gods.  Needing an immortal to fight an immortal, Xena offers Ambrosia in exchange for Callisto's help.  They set a trap for Velasca over a river of molten lava, and during the ensuing battle, Gabrielle gains possession of the Ambrosia.  On Xena's order she tosses it to Callisto, who eats it and becomes a God.  While Callisto and Velasca duke it out on the rope bridge,  Xena cuts the rope and sends both Goddesses tumbling into the lava below. 
Hope frees Callisto Callisto remained trapped beneath the lava flow until Hope (Gabrielle's demonic daughter) freed her in "Maternal Instincts". Now a God, Callisto was free to continue her revenge against Xena. While Callisto kept Xena occupied, Hope went after Solan, Xena's son, and killed him. In the end, Xena and Callisto confronted each other in a cave. Xena provoked Callisto into using her newfound powers, causing the cave to collapse. Xena escaped, leaving Callisto buried beneath a pile of rocks. 
The illusionary Callisto In "The Bitter Suite", Xena and Gabrielle come to terms with the fact that they both really hate each other (Xena blames Gabrielle for the death of her son, and goes on a mad rampage).  The two wind up in Illusia, where Xena meets Aleph (Callisto), her "spirit guide".  Gradually, Xena and Gabrielle work through their issues and, by episode's end, Xena and Gabrielle are best friends again.  Xena reconciles with her dead son, Solan, and reveals to him that she is his mother.
While Xena and Gabrielle were in Illusia, Hope freed the real Callisto from the cave.  Promising to free her of her demons, Hope sends a relunctant Callisto after Ares.  Callisto then convinces him to free the Soverign, Hercules' evil "twin", who is in possession of the Hind's blood pendant.  As Hind's blood is the only thing that can kill a God, Ares takes the pendant for himself and dissapears.  Meanwhile, the Soverign mows a path of destruction across Greece.
Ares and Callisto open the portal Hercules gets wind of the Soverign's return and confronts him, dragging him back to the portal.  Callisto and Ares appear to reopen the gateway, only they crank up the power so that both Herc and Sov are sucked in.  With phase one of Hope's plan complete, Callisto switches sides and turns on Ares.  Using the Hind's blood, she kills the God Strife and dissapears with Hope.  Iolaus and Ares go after her, but they arrive too late, as Hope has sent Callisto back in time to stop Hercules from being born. 
Callisto with the Hind's Blood Pendant Ares sends Iolaus back in time to stop Callisto from killing Hercules' mother. Iolaus, however, is unable to prevent the assassination, and now both Hercules and the Sovereign are trapped in the Netherworld. Because Alcemene never gave birth to her son, both Hercules and the Soverign would cease to exist in the real world.
This episode raised some questions about Callisto's past. In an admitted mistake, the writer forgot Callisto had an older sister. Click here to make sense of it all.
Killing in self defence Iolaus follows Callisto through the time stream to Cirra, Callisto's village, where villagers are fleeing in light of Xena's impending attack. Iolaus figures that this is Callisto's reward for getting rid of Hercules - a chance for Callisto to change the outcome of her life. But when Callisto accidentally kills her mother and father, she decides that she, too, must die.  She leaves her younger, unconcious self in the burning barn, hoping that when young Callisto dies, she will as well. Iolaus appears to save young Callisto from the flames, and once again follows Callisto through time. 
An angry Callisto Iolaus arrives in a very different reality, where Xena is the ruler of the world!  Through telepathy with Hercules, Iolaus remebers the Chronos Stone, a gem which allows time travel. Iolaus steals it from Xena and goes back to save Alcemene.  When Iolaus returns to his own time, Callisto is waiting, quite miffed at him spoiling her death.  Using lightning to open the portal, Hercules arrives in his own reality and battles Callisto, throwing her into the swirling vortex. and trapping her on the other side. 

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