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The Story of Callisto
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Callisto escapes the Netherworld Callisto breaks out of the Netherworld using her God powers.  However, the Hind's blood pendant is missing from her neck (one can only wonder what happened to it - perhaps they will explain this in a later episode). Callisto hooks up with Hope again, who is in a cocoon waiting to be reborn. Using the Priest of the Blood to communicate with Hope, Callisto makes it clear that the only reason she is helping Hope is so that she can collect her reward: Callisto wants her life to end. 
The cocoon hatches Xena and Gabrielle find out about Hope, and Xena is determined to kill the monster once and for all. After burying Callisto under a pile of rocks, Xena makes her way to Hope's cocoon. Ares, now working with Dahak, shows up and teleports the cocoon away, denying Xena the chance to kill her. Xena tracks Ares down to the Halls of War, and is about to slice the cocoon in half when she is stopped again, this time by Gabrielle. Xena has no time to ask for an explanation as the cocoon hatches...
Ares and Hope By this time, Callisto has teleported in to witness the rebirth of adult Hope.  An exact duplicate of GAbrielle, Hope tries to kill Xena, but she and Gabrielle escape.  Later, Gabrielle explains that Ares had called in his favour from "Forget Me Not".  If Xena had killed Hope, Xena would have died.  Meanwhile, Callisto has transformed Hope into Gabrielle, right down to the BGSB.  They teleport to Ares' temple, where he and Hope begin to make out.  Angry at the betrayal, Callisto leaves in disgust. 
Callisto and Xena team up Hope saw where Hercules had hidden the Hind's blood dagger ("Armageddon Now II"), but when she later went back for it, it was gone.  Now Xena, Callisto, Ares and Hope all want the dagger - Xena wants to kill Hope with it, Callisto wants to kill herself with it, Ares and Hope both want it to keep the other Gods in line. Because of Callisto's hatred for Ares, she switches sides and offers to help Xena.  In return for her help, Xena must use the Hind's blood dagger to kill her. 
Joxer's got it! Xena, Gabrielle and Callisto make their way to the temple of Dahak, where his followers are preparing blood sacrifices.  Among the sacrifices was their bumbling warrior friend, Joxer the Mighty.  Xena had secretly told him the location of the dagger, and he had infiltrated the temple by getting captured.  When the fighting begins, Joxer tosses the dagger to Xena.  Racing against Ares, Xena reaches it first and Callisto, using her tremendous powers, unleasehes a firestorm which knocks Ares senseless. 
The end of Callisto Xena approaches Hope, dagger raised for the killing blow.  But Gabrielle, unable to stand idly by and watch Xena sacrifice herself for the greater good, threw herself at Hope, and they both fell into the fiery chasm from which Dahak had appeared.  Xena, having lost her best friend, broke down in tears. Callisto meanwhile, looking to provoke Xena into killing her, laughed at the situation. Her ploy worked, as Xena stabbed her in the belly with the Hind's blood dagger.  With one final, almost loving look at Xena, Callisto slid to the floor in a dramatic flourish and expired. 

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