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11.20.99 - Sorry for the drought, but I don't have much time to spend on this site anymore. I found the latest issue of Creation's Herc/Xena Mailing List in my mailbox today:

A feature on the Hercules finale, which includes wrap party footage, will air on E! News Weekend (look for it Saturday Noon, Sunday 9am, and Monday Noon Pacific Time)

Coverage on Kevin Sorbo and his guest appearance on JUST SHOOT ME will also now feature clips from the Hercules finale as well. This will air in Los Angeles on Saturday, Nov. 20 on NBC at 7pm (and various times throughout the country). Sorry for the late notice on this but we just found out ourselves!

Note: The one airing at 7pm will be on "EXTRA".

Airing Dates:
  • 11.22.99 - "Little Problems"
  • 11.29.99 - "Fallen Angel" (repeat)
  • 12.06.99 - "Chakram" (repeat)
  • 12.13.99 - "Crusader" (repeat)
  • 12.20.99 - "A Good Day" (repeat)
  • 12.27.99 - "Locked Up and Tied Down" (repeat)
  • 01.03.99 - "Animal Attraction" (repeat)

    Lineup subject to change. Click here for the latest schedule.