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Xena Video Clips

While looking for Xena media to download, I stumbled upon scads of video resources for both Callisto and Xena clips. While being far from complete, here is a list of all the clip sites I found. And in respect to all the webmasters out there, none of these links point directly to the clips; they will take you to the page where you can downlaod to your heart's content. If you find another Xena-related clip site that is not listed here, please email me and I'll check it out.
Denotes a site that has .MOV (Quicktime) files.
Denotes a site that has .AVI (Microsoft Video) files.
Denotes a site that has .RM (REAL Media) files.

All Things Hudson
Webmaster: Dave Meagher

When it comes to material from Hudson's other roles, this page has all the others beat. An excellent resource for Hudson's other projects, All Things Hudson is the home of hard to find clips such as the ones shown below.

Fourth Horseman's Xena Quicktime Movies
Webmaster:The Fourth Horseman

This site houses one of the largest Xena Quicktime collections ever assembled. It has a quick load time, easy navigation, and the Fourth Horseman keeps it up to date. The clips are catalogued alphabetically, which means you have to know your Xena trivia if you want to sort them out by episode.

Some of the Fourth Horseman's clips are available at Tom's Xena Page.

Hudson Leick Official Fan Club
Webmasters: Wes Reiser and Bret Dedmore

This is one of my favourite pages, and they're not too shabby in the video department either. Lots of goodies for you to download, including TV interviews from Hard Copy and E!. Give them a try - you'll be glad you did.

Hudson Leick Tribute Page
Webmaster: Rob Allis

This site features .AVI files from the most recent episodes, including "Bitter Suite", "Sacrifice" and "Yes Virginia, We Have a Hercules". Below is the opening graphic from every clip at the Hudson Leick Tribute Page, just to give you a taste of what Rob has to offer. Click here to access them directly.

Though he hasn't uploaded more videos for his own page, you can find Rob's other .AVIs at the Hudson Leick Official Fan Club.

Mero's REAL Xena Page
Webmaster: Mero

Chock full of REAL media goodness, Mero's REAL Xena Page has scads of REAL Audio and Video for you to download. Currently, there is only one Callisto clip: the ladder fight between her and Xena in "Callisto". Others are soon to come, as the episode "Return of Callisto" is currently leading the polls. Click here to access the ladder fight clip.

Warriors Callisto Theater
Webmasters: Tony Hill (Xavr) and Tim Drake (Polcat)

This site hasn't been updated for a while, and it takes a while to load, but it is well worth the wait. The Callisto Theater features 31 .AVI clips from "Callisto", and 36 .AVI clips from "A Necessary Evil".

Click here for clips from "Callisto"
Click here for clips from "A Necessary Evil"

Xena Theater
Webmasters: Tony Hill (Xavr) and Tim Drake (Polcat)

Here it is: the largest collection of Xena video clips on the Net! The Xena Theater was created by the same two fellas' that brought you the Callisto Theater. Tony Hill and Tim Drake went above and beyond the call of duty, creating an archive of 183 .AVI clips for your viewing pleasure.

Click here for clips from "A Day in the Life"
Click here for clips from "Been There, Done That"
Click here for clips from "Comedy of Eros"
Click here for clips from "Destiny"
Click here for clips from "Dreamworker"
Click here for clips from "Gabrielle's Hope"
Click here for clips from "Sins of the Past"
Click here for clips from "The Debt"
Click here for clips from "The Deliverer"
Click here for clips from "The Furies"

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